T-Mobile is refusing to track stolen cellphones despite having the permission of both Boston police AND the victim whose phone was stolen, citing "privacy restrictions."

According to the Boston Herald, T-Mobile will only help track the stolen phone (a Sidekick, snatched from a 16-year-old by an 18-year-old) if it's a "life or death situation", or if ordered to by a judge. Getting the SK back falls under neither of these two conditions, in this case, so police are hoping a letter from a city council member will sway T-Mobile in helping to track it down.


They'd better act soon, since the theft occured on November 20, and it's unlikely that that Sidekick's battery will hold out much longer for tracking purposes. [Boston Herald - Thanks Patrick!]

Above, two ladies demonstrate how best to hold your Sidekick if you want to get it stolen.