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T-Mobile To Sell Galaxy Tab For $399 With 2-Year Contract

Illustration for article titled T-Mobile To Sell Galaxy Tab For $399 With 2-Year Contract

According to this leaked slide, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will cost $399 with new 2-year contract on T-Mobile. As Sprint was rumored to charge that much too, 400 buckaroos will probably be the Galaxy Tab's price on all the carriers.


Admittedly, $399 on contract is priced just a tad higher than I'd like. It's still a damn good looking Android tablet, though. [TmoNews]

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I really wanted one of these (for taking handwritten notes with the bluetooth stylus, mostly), but $400 with a 2-year contract makes this thing DOA. I don't even want an iPad because it doesn't suit my needs, but hell if I'm going to pay $400 for a gimped copycat product that requires two years of monthly payments when I know the iPad is out there for $500 straight up.