T-Mobile's Finally, Officially Getting the iPhone

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Next year T-Mobile will finally get the iPhone. It's not even a rumor this time—it's an official announcement from T-Mobile and Apple.


We've been waiting on this for pretty much forever, and not having Apple in its lineup has been pretty hard on T-Mobile. Now the three people still on the carrier are pretty pleased. The deal between Apple and T-Mobile is good from 2013-2015, and while they only state that it's going to offer "Apple products" the iPhone is a pretty safe bet. [Deutsche Telekom]

Update: T-Mobile CECO John Legere has confirmed that the deal does, in fact, include the iPhone.


Did not agree just bc i clicked

Unlimited data plans are where it's at. I've been grandfathered on ATT's unlimited iPhone plan forever, and even though we are treated like their worst customers, eventually I think they'll be forced to provide true unlimited data to grandfathered customers. I think they know this and thats one of the reasons they're trying to get people to switch.

T-Mo has an excellent opportunity here if they keep the price low and offer unlimited data with no caps or throttling. I would've jumped ship this year if T-Mo had it and could guarantee me unlimited data. Sprint is the worst by far, so bad that even their unlimited data won't get customers.