Tablets With 7-Inch Super AMOLED Screens Likely Coming Next Year From Samsung

See that tablet weeping into its ports? Yeh, that's the Galaxy Tab, suddenly threatened after Mommy Samsung announced production of 7-inch AMOLED screens today, for their own products but other companies' wares, too.


When Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab at IFA back in September, they explained about the absence of an AMOLED screen by saying that "the TFT is a little more optimized than Super AMOLED in terms of power consumption," and also mentioned that price played a strong hand in it too.

So can we expect more expensive Tabs with AMOLED screens? It sounds like it—though as production won't start until June 2011, there's a good chance the price will have fallen dramatically by then. The panels have a 1200 x 600 resolution; a slight increase over the TFT LCD screens which have a 1024 x 600 resolution.

Samsung will no doubt use these panels for their own products, but also sell them to other manufacturers—if anyone's interested in brighter screens that perform better in direct sunlight. Though that last bit is contentious, as you may've already seen. [ETNews via OLED-Display]


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