Tachyon's Head-Mounted 2010 XC Video Camera System Lasts 12 Hours On a Single Charge

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Ever experience something so EXTREME that you think everyone else should see it from your perspective? Yeah, there's not a day that goes by where I don't think that. Luckily for us, there's Tachyon's 2010 XC Helmet Cam System.

Tachyon's XC system is shock/waterproof and records onto SDHC cards, meaning you can get anywhere between 4 and 32-gigabytes of storage. The 90mm lens provides a so-so amount of wide angle goodness.

OH, and did i mention you can use two of the normal XC cameras, combined with a bulky head mount, to create a 3D recording rig?! With this thing strapped to your dome, you can relay to the world what it really feels like to hardcore apartment hunt on Craigslist, then walk across the street for that iced americano.


Battery life for the normal XC setup is 12 hours, and since the 3D rig just uses two cameras, i'd assume it would last roughly as long. It's also compatible with any of the selectable 3D viewing options on YouTube, which means you can choose from dual picture-style 3D or anaglyphic, red/blue glasses-style 3D.

The complete 3D system will run you about $380, and includes the two cameras, head mount, 6 pairs of anaglyph glasses, and editing software. The single cam rig is available for $180. Not all that bad when you think about it. [Tachyon via BusinessWire]