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Who cares if it's actually designed for strength training? If the makers of the SISU War Hammer didn't intend for it take down brick walls, bust up foundations or battle The Avengers' enemies, they shouldn't have made it look so badass. And, they certainly shouldn't have called it the War Hammer.


Made from seven gauge steel, the head features a removable back plate for attaching thicker and heavier plating, increasing the devastating power of your swing. I would just hate to lose that SISU branding (sisu being a Finnish word for 'stubborn determination').

Out of the box the mini-mjölnir weighs in at 14 pounds, but it's also hollow. So if you were to fill the head with lead shot, you could increase its weight to an impressive 28 pounds. It's also got an extra long 38 inch handle, which further ups the amount of damage you can do with every swing. At $125 it's pretty expensive for a hammer, particularly since the movies have taught me they just fall out of the sky. But it seems worth it for the fear it will strike into my bathroom tiles. [Rogue Fitness via Uncrate]

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