Feud Week, Dungeons & Dragons, Shooting Bigfoot, and IFA 2018: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Here at Gizmodo, we’ve just wrapped up Feud Week: A series on personality and business clashes in the tech world, scientific disputes, and whether or not to shoot Bigfoot. (I say let the big guy do his thing, unless it turns out it’s kidnapping people with mind-waves to make more Bigfoots.) Some have said that a Nice…

An Inside Look at Yeti or Not, Animal Planet's Most Intriguing 'Monster Week' Special 

Animal Planet’s “Monster Week” is filled with animal-attack specials and episodes of the network’s big hit, River Monsters. But there’s one program that taps into a surprising amount of science: Yeti or Not, which follows Dr. Mark Evans as he roams the Himalayas, looking for evidence of the mythical beast.

We Asked the Hosts of Finding Bigfoot Why It's Taking So Damn Long

Finding Bigfoot is one of Animal Planet’s most popular shows. It’s been on the air for five years and has clocked nearly 100 episodes, none of which—despite the sheer amount of cameras involved—feature any footage of the elusive giant ape. So when we talked to the show’s hosts, we had to ask them what’s the hold-up.