Injustice 2 Is Surprisingly at Its Best When It Forgets It's an Injustice Sequel

The first Injustice game—and the fantastic tie-in comic that accompanied it—told a story that pitted Batman and Superman against each other in a battle between heroism and villainy, and how good people can be driven to do horrible things. Injustice 2 isn’t really about that, and that’s both interesting and at times…

Dictator Superman and Terrorist Batman Reluctantly Join Forces to Fight an Even Bigger Threat in Injustice 2

In the Injustice universe, Kal-El wanted to rule the Earth in an ostensibly benevolent dictatorship, but a lot of people ended up dying at the Man of Steel’s hands. Brainiac? He’s coming to Injustice 2 to in an attempt to top Superman’s “achievement” by destroying the whole planet.