Injustice 2 Almost Had a Version of Static, Milestone Media's Awesome Electric Superhero

Image: DC Comics. Art by Scott McDaniel, Jonathan Glapion, and Le Beau Underwood.
Image: DC Comics. Art by Scott McDaniel, Jonathan Glapion, and Le Beau Underwood.

Damn it, we were so close to getting one of Milestone Media’s best characters in the new superhero fighting game. Heroes and villains from all over the DC Comics multiverse are part of the roster in Injustice 2 but, for the most part, they come from the well-known core of characters clustered around the Justice League. It would’ve been nice to get a playable fighter with roots from another fictional landscape entirely, which is what almost happened with Static.


Marco Nelor is a character designer who’s worked on Mortal Kombat and the first Injustice game, also made by game studio NetherRealm. On his Instagram account, he shared an image of Static done during the development process of Injustice 2:

I don’t love the braids here—because I always thought Virgil’s out-of-control natural was a nice consequence of his electrical powers—but everything else about this design is a nice update to Virgil Hawkins. It’s how he might look if appearing for the first time today. There’s always the chance that Static might drop as part of a DLC add-on or future Injustice game, of course. But, given how silent DC has been on all things Milestone, seeing this glimpse of what could have been stings, just like a static shock.

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Serious question. Who owns the rights to the Milestone characters atm & what the heck is going on with them? Is it the remaining Milestone founders or DC & no matter who owns the rights why hasn’t anyone done anything with them apart from Static & Xombi?