Take a Deep Sea Dive Into the Trailer for the Blue Planet Sequel

GIF Source: BBC Earth

It’s been 16 years since the original Blue Planet debuted and crowned BBC Earth as the king of the nature documentary. In the meantime, David Attenborough and company have focused on a number of other documentaries, but now they’re circling back with a sequel to the beloved series that told the story of our world’s oceans.


According to Attenborough, the BBC crew have been able to use new science and technology “to voyage further and deeper than ever before.” Hans Zimmer is also back handling the score, and the short embedded below features a new collaboration between the composer and Radiohead, reworking the band’s song “Bloom.”

Blue Planet II will feature the usual dancing yeti crabs and spitting dolphins, but it will also be looking to the future of the oceans. Attenborough told The Guardian that the series will devote a lot of time to exploring climate change and the pollution that’s filling up the sea at a breakneck pace. “Overall, without any question, the world is not going to be as varied and as rich as it was a hundred years ago,” he said. But we have the power to address these problems because most of them “are created by us, and we can solve them or should be able to solve them.”

Get your first glimpse the footage BBC Earth has gathered below—and savor the fact that we can still film it.

[BBC Earth]


Brent Rose

AHHHHH I’m so excited for this!

Also, I know we always like to talk about who and who is a “national treasure.” Can we just go ahead and consider David Attenborough a global treasure?