Talking Toilet Paper Holder

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In what must be the biggest act of hyperbolic writing ever perpetrated by a British man, Mike from T3 writes "Talking TP has to be ultimate toilet humour gadget." No, Mike, I'm sorry. I'm sure in old Blighty you don't have too much fun in the loo as you drop your bonnets and produce potential petrol, but the ultimate toilet humor gadget is a plunger to the face. Gets 'em every time.

If you want to try the second-best toilet humor gadget, consider the Talking TP. This thing allows you to record your own clever message that plays when someone pulls the toilet paper. My message would be "You can help stop world hunger." It wouldn't be humorous, but it would bring a tear to the eye of the dumper and maybe make them stop and think.

Speak 'n' smell with a talking toilet roll holder [T3]