Telepathy? This External Speaker Works Without a Wired Or Wireless Connection

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Instead of Bluetooth, wi-fi, or even a stereo mini cable, iFrogz' new Boost speaker uses something the company is calling near field audio technology to amplify a given device's own built-in speaker.

To use it you just place an audio device on top of the boost with its own speaker turned up. The NFA tech, which iFrogz insists isn't just a hidden microphone, then syncs to the sound coming from your device before boosting it through a couple of 2-watt speakers.


I'd like to believe that iFrogz has stumbled across some radical new way of connecting audio devices, but a childhood spent capturing songs off the radio with a handheld cassette recorder doesn't give me much confidence in how this speaker sounds. I know there are still advocates of analog audio, but in this case I don't think it works to the Boost's advantage. On the plus side at least the lack of a constant wireless connection will be easier on your device's battery.

As for the Boost, on a trio of AA batteries the $40 speaker will run for up to 15 hours, but it can also be powered by a USB connection. And if your source device is lacking its own speaker, a line-in jack facilitates a tethered connection, though, that obviously takes some of the novelty out of using a device like this. [iFrogz via iLounge]