As a flooded Nebraska contends with a potential nuclear incident, the tornado-ravaged state of Tennessee will soon have their own radioactive material to contend with — freshly imported from Germany!


AP reports that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved licenses for "1,000 tons of low-level radioactive waste from Germany" to be brought to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, for incineration. It's a glowing green pile of crap that the Czech Republic has already turned away, according to Don Safer, chairman of the Tennessee Environmental Council.

EnergySolutions, the Utah-based company that operates the disposal facility in Oak Ridge, says the process is 100 percent safe: "There's more (radioactive) tritium in the atmosphere from cosmic rays from the sun than what we'd ever emit from there," EnergySolutions spokesman Mark Walker said, sounding not unlike a soon-to-be-born D.C. supervillain.

Tennessee is the only state that allows commercial burning of radioactive waste. [AP, photo via Shutterstock]

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