Thanko NM-Mate USB Hub + Speakers + Fun

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Japan's Thanko is known for releasing some really weird...well, junk, and the NB-Mate, no matter how you look at it, continues this trend. It's a multi-function USB gadget that does just a little bit of everything (within reason). Once plugged into a USB port, the NM-Mate's tiny, 1.5 watt speakers turn on, confidently pumping out all the riot grrrl your ears can take. There's a line-in jack so you can connect your digital audio player as well.


Besides aural pleasure, there's four USB 2.0 ports built into the NM-Mate. That's right, it doubles as a hub. Not only that, but since it's got USB ports just falling out of its pockets, you're more than welcome to plug in your iPod and charge it while it plays through the speakers. The NM-Mate runs either off four AA batteries or the supplied AC adapter.

How much is such a wonderfully useful piece of electronics worth to you? $51? That's how much Thanko wants for the NB-Mate, which, as of now, is available only in Japan. Shucks.


Product Page (in Japanese) [Thanko via New Launches]