Remember the ChargerLeash? It was a replacement USB charging cable for your smartphone that featured a built-in audible alarm so that when it was unplugged, there was little chance you'd forget it and leave it behind. Now there's a new 'Pro' version with a simple silencer so you can also use the cable at home, without the alarm constantly going off.

The ChargerLeash Pro also now comes with a flat cable design so it's harder for it to get tangled up when banging around inside your bag, but it's the ability to turn off the alarm, by simply tapping on the speaker box, that makes the new version more useful as your day-to-day charging cable. And at $35 it's definitely more expensive than buying a replacement Lightning, microUSB, or Apple 30-pin USB cable. But if you find yourself losing and having to replace them often, this actually sounds like a better deal in the long run. [ChargerLeash via The Gadgeteer]