That Steve Jobs Action Figure Just Got Even Creepier

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Holy mother of Moof. Remember the ultra-realistic Steve Jobs action figure? I thought it couldn't get creepier until its creators decided to make it pose on the arm of the full size Madame Tussauds' Steve Jobs—which you can see here completely finished.

It also has a name now, according to what Legend Toys told us in mail:

Just want to give you an update on our Steve Jobs Anniversary Collectible Figure. When the new small iPad is named iPad mini, we decided to call ours "Steve mini". Just take a look at the attached photos, and you will understand not only how REAL our "Steve mini" is but also how mini the size compare to the 1:1 scale Steve!

We hope all of you will like it!

Oh, yes, we like it. We like it a lot, but it's still creeping the hell out of us. I wonder when Apple will try to stop them, like they did with the first action Jobs.


p.s. That figure is kind of huge, looking at it next to the full size wax Jobs.

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Look at his shoes.

Oh god.

Look at his goddamned laces.

The laces are on the side.

I can't stand that.

That's gross.



Did the real Steve Jobs tie his shoes like that?

Probably not, his "uniform" was too well designed.

Pic related : oh, the humanity.