That Weird Orbit Tower In London Is Now Completed

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Just like the rendering from last year, the now completed ArcelorMittal Orbit looks like a brain-liquifying roller coaster. Or a metal spaghetti monster twice the size of the Eiffel Tower, stranded in the rainy city, sad and confused.


In reality, the Orbit is an habitable sculpture, one of the center pieces of the 2012 London Olympic Games and a complete horror. [Kuriositas]

Images by George Rex.



God damn, the Orbit Tower has not gotten any prettier since it's concept phase. That is ugly.

Of all the cool stuff you can to with triangulated space-frame building technology, why the fuck would you do that? What purpose is there for all of that extraneous bullshit? A "habitable sculpture" is fine, but surely a piece of art that you can stand in should still make some sort of architectural sense. Like the St. Lois arch or the Eiffel Tower, they are sculptures but their chosen building methods and materials where integral to the way they looked and functioned.

The sort of super-modern asymmetric space-frame tech used to build the Orbit Tower is exactly the same technique used to create the space-frame roof of the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre (pictured). That structure is also a visually distinctive exhibition of modern architecture and advanced construction. It manages to employ the same type of structure and be just as crazy/challenging to look at as the Orbit Tower, but it manages to do so without being fucking hideous