The 10 Best Opening Scenes in Movie History

What’s your favorite type of opening shot for a movie? Is it when they drop you in the middle of their world and expect you to catch up immediately? Is it when they slyly insert a spoiler that you don’t realize is important yet? Or maybe it’s when they neatly bookend the film with the beginning and end of the movie having the same scene. My favorite is when it’s a mysteriously gorgeous shot of the world of the film. Like in Blade Runner.

Here is CineFix’s list for the top 10 best opening shots of all time (and the style the scene is done in):

  1. Long Take - Touch of Evil
  2. Long Take - The Player
  3. Long Scene - Flowers of Shanghai
  4. Movie Microcosm - Day for Night
  5. Movie Microcosm - Fight Club
  6. Space - Contact
  7. In Media Res - Star Wars: A New Hope
  8. Beautiful - Apocalypse Now
  9. Beautiful - Raging Bull
  10. Symmetry - The Searchers

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I love the “life and death of a bullet” opening to Lord of War.