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The 13-Inch MBA Burns the Fastest 2010 MacBook Pro

Illustration for article titled The 13-Inch MBA iBurns/i the Fastest 2010 MacBook Pro

Holy crud. While it's just a benchmark test and those don't accurately reflect yadda yadda yadda YOU GUYS. The 1.7GHz Core i5 13-inch MBA just blew the door off of last year's 2.67GHz Core i7 17-inch MacBook Pro on GeekBench. And did more than twice as well as last year's tricked 13-inch Air. That is bonkers.


At this point—unless you work in the optical drive industry—why would the 90% of us who don't need professional-grade computing ever choose a Pro over an Air? [Laptop Mag via ElectricPig]

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This just in. Macbook Air with real CPU beats older Macbook Air with netbook CPU. News at 11