The 1986 infomercial for the Neuromancer movie that never was

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And now, something completely different. Commenting gladiator LightningLouie has alerted us to this downright amazing promotional video from the late Eighties that was filmed to sell potential investors on a Neuromancer movie. This is the godhead of weird ephemera.

In 1986, Cabana Boy Entertainment — "a Hollywood production team consisting of a plastic surgeon's wife and yep, two actual cabana boys," explains Louie — optioned the book for $100,000.

To lure in investors, Cabana Boys put together this incredible video promo featuring screenwriter Earl Mac Rauch (Buckaroo Banzai), creative consultant/late psychedelia guru Timothy Leary, and Gibson himself rapping about Neuromancer, the new cyberpunk craze that will give every odeon the vapors!


Even though the 1980s Neuromancer movie never went anywhere (obviously), Leary did get the 1988 Neuromancer computer game made and Julia Stiles famously name-dropped the book on Ghostwriter.