The Adult Swim Singles Program Provides a Soundtrack for the Summer

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Every summer since 2010, the Adult Swim Singles Program gathers together a group of musicians to contribute one new single every week. Whether it's been an LCD Soundsystem remix or a hip hop-laced song from Flying Lotus, these weekly singles inevitably become my soundtrack for the summer.


And this year they're killing it.

First off, 2014 has more to offer than any year before it with 16 singles debuting over the course of 16 weeks. Not to mention that you can download all these tracks for free and each single has its own album art.


This week we're at the halfway point, and there are already some real winners. Take for instance, Destruction Unit's thrashing "Dust" or Giorgio Moroder's techno-filled "Giorgio's Theme." I also might listen to Speedy Ortiz' "Bigger Party" until my ears bleed.

Next up is Nashville's Diarrhea Planet, who have already let slip their contribution to Adult Swim's singles party a few days early. Titled "Spooners," the track is an aural assault on your ears that you hope never ends. The group channels a similar punk rock intensity to Japandroids or Titus Andronicus with an energy that's completely infectious. Here, take a listen:

You can also download the free track, when it becomes available, at Adult Swim—unless you don't like good music and free stuff. Don't be that person. [Adult Swim]

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