The Apple Mystery

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Well, there's apparently a big to-do coming up this weekend. It's Apple's 30th Birthday and we're starting to hear some rumors. First off, there's the touchscreen iPod. Oh, ho ho. What a wonder that will be. This has a 80-85% chance of actually appearing, and is one of the things I would love to see. Clearly, this would also mean that there will be full movies available on iTunes this weekend, which would be just swell. An anonymous source told me, back when the Hi-Fi was coming out, that the touchscreen iPod was months away, if it were ever to appear, so who knows.


Apparently, Jobs and his Flying Monkeys were in talks to get good movie content for the big AV launch. We shall see, won't we.

Next, we have the iPod phone. This won't happen. Even ThinkSecret is bashing this idea, and I seriously don't see it hitting the streets in the current carrier climate. Hell, we can't even get cool stuff from Korea, where new phones appear every five minutes. How would little old Apple get their solution out there?

Then we have new MacBooks. There's some talk of a 12- or 20-incher coming down the pike. This is probably the most feasible product release. A Mac Tablet? I'm going to give that a 60%, just so I don't look like an ass when they suddenly release one.

Strangely enough, I haven't heard of anyone being invited to the "launch" this weekend nor have I heard that it is actually happening. Maybe Apple doesn't like us, but the radio silence is absolutely weird.

Otherwise, some folks are predicting on-off changes, including the ridiculous notion that the next OS X will be code-named Vista and will look surprisingly like a Microsoft product. The outrage and horror that would incite would shake Inifinite Loop to its foundations. Not gonna happen. HD monitors might roll out this month, or some sort of Flash hard drive hybrid that sounds kind of iffy. For further prognostications, click away.

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