From the sense of this clip, this scene happens while Batman looks for ways to figure out what the Riddler has planned. He goes to the Joker for advice, who clearly just wants to celebrate their paper anniversary. So he’s been in there about a year we figure. Maybe if he let himself be romanced by the OG member of his Rogues’ Gallery, he would have gotten more out of this exchange.


If anything we’re excited to see more of Keoghan’s take on the character, who serves as a Hannibal Lecter for Bats here. Having played trickster roles in David Lowery’s The Green Knight and in Chloe Zhao’s The Eternals, he’s perfectly chaotic for the role. And the look is starting to come together. We’re definitely getting a bit of Lee Bermejo Joker in the look, by way of New 52's face mutilation.


The Batman is in theaters now and expected to drop on April 19 onto HBO Max.

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