All right everyone, time to put on your debating/outrage hats. Empire magazine reached out to some of the top vfx artists around the world and had them choose—and justify—what they believe to be the top visual effects shots of all time.

The list highlights 15 shots in all, ranging from recent blockbusters, all the way back to the work of Ray Harryhausen and Metropolis when films were still shot in black and white. And while computer generated effects make up the majority of post-production work in Hollywood today, the list also gives the nod to many practical effects shots that were ground-breaking for their time.

The artist's choices seem fairly well balanced, and all the major milestones in the history of visual effects work appear to be covered. But was anything overlooked? If your think your favorite shot deserved recognition, let us known in the discussion below. [Empire via Coudal]