The Best iPhone Shopping Apps

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Black Friday, Schmack Schmriday: here are the best iPhone apps for shopping all year round.

GOLD MEDAL: Amazon Mobile


An app that answers a single, all-important shopping question, even if the answer is almost always the same: Should I buy this in the store, or just wait a couple days for an online order. It's actually a cornerstone my tried-and-true purchasing routine, in which I browse and choose products in a retail store, check the reviews online, then order for a lower price, instantly. Sorry, actual stores!

The barcode scanner works as well as any of the others in the App Store, and the find-by-photo feature, while rarely useful, is technically pretty cool. For a similar app that's completely focused on quick price checks, try Amazon's Price Check utility too. Free, Universal



Unrelated to the Android app of the same name, Shopper nonetheless does almost all the same stuff, and a bit more. Anyway, that stuff: shopping lists, barcode scanning for comparison shopping, daily deals, coupons and budget tracking. The feature list is staggeringly long, and the $1 price tag is reasonable, but the presence of ads and non-retina graphics keep it out of the top slot. Using this in concert with Amazon Mobile is ideal. $1, iPhone.



Limited to (and therefore excellent at) building and tracking grocery lists, GroceryIQ supports barcode scanning, has integrated coupons, store-specific lists, and a huge ready database of foodstuffs. One of the coolest extras is a feature that takes a guess at which products will be in which isle. It's usually right, which is to say much, much better than my own judgment. Free, Universal.

ShopSavvy: A pan-retailer, barcode-fixated version of the Amazon app, basically. It's got a lot of promise, but I found a lot of the listed deals to be either misleading or heavily caveated.
RedLaser: This company makes the technology behind many, if not most, of the app that include barcode scanning. Decent store search capabilities.
eBay: Loses points mainly for being tied to a site that I've found myself using less and less over the years. Still, this tight, well designed app—which now includes a barcode scanner—will net you a good deal every now and then.
PriceGrabber: The buggiest of the comparison engine product search apps.