As you may have noticed, the transition from Google Maps to Apple Maps in iOS 6 means that the navigation software is now without public transportation data, and that really sucks. Apple's fix for the immediate future is to push you to third-party apps, but knowing where to start can be a daunting task. To get you started, here are a few of our favorites which deliver train info for multiple cities.



HopStop is probably the most fully realized of all the apps, capable of serving up directions, station locations and train schedules for virtually every major American city (and a handful of international one), along with basic transit maps for Boston, Chicago, DC, London, NYC and SF. It still doesn't link up with Apple maps, but it works. And it works pretty well. Free



Embark isn't an all-encompassing app, but rather its makers have released individual apps for a handful of cities, including Boston, Chicago, DC, London, NYC/NJ, Philadelphia, and SF. Each app seamlessly combines train schedules, station locations maps and directions into a single intuitive interface. And though it lacks the selection of cities that HopStop has, it does integrate with Apple Maps, which will appeal to some. Free

The Transit App


The Transit App looks promising, claiming the ability to link up with the new Apple Maps and deliver schedules directions and maps to 14 cities. But when we tried to use the app, it started puking up server errors. Maybe once the iOS 6 craze calms down it will work a bit better, but until then, the verdict is still out. Free



AllSubway isn't the most complicated app. In fact, it isn't complicated at all. But its simplicity is its strength. Contained in this app are 151 static maps for cities all over the globe, which are viewable offline an presented in an easy to digest UI. It won't tell you where to go or pop up in Apple Maps, but you know exactly what you're getting each and every time. $1

Of course there are hundreds and hundreds of transit apps serving specific cities, and some may offer features not found in the four above. But these apps are a good place to start, and for many, will have everything they need.