It's tax day! Which to the "average American" means you'll be getting a $3,070 check as your tax refund. Yeah, I gasped too. But anyway! If you are that average American with a nice chunk of change coming, here's the best ways to spend your newfound money.

Sure you can be responsible and pay off credit card bills or put the money into savings or even do something fun like go on vacation. But! If you want that near instant satisfaction? Head to your closest online retailer (probably Amazon) and click on these gadgets.


Home Theater

3DTV - Who needs a 3DTV? No one really. But since 3DTVs make for awesome HDTVs, they're really the best TV on the market! We think the best one is Panasonic's TC-P50VT25. $1900


Avatar 3D + 3DTV Glasses - Avatar in 3D is fun! Avatar on DVD? Not so much. Make sure you get Avatar in 3D and these perfect 3D glasses for your new Panny 3DTV. $330


Pansonic HDC-SDT750K 3D Camcorder - A decent amount of channels are already broadcasting in 3D but actually watching stuff that you filmed in 3D makes the unnecessary future seem like it's already here. $740

Paragon TP-6 Theater Pop 6-Ounce Popper Popcorn Machine - You can say you have a home theater but no one will really believe you until you have a legit, theater-style popcorn machine. $471.


ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine - This is next level shit. For the movies you watch even before the matinee screenings, you'll need a separate pancake machine. It's a lifetime of fun, really. Priceless


Buy an iPad 2 on eBay - It's still really hard to get an iPad 2 in store. But you have money! Woohoo! Just hop on eBay and overbid those suckers who got a wimpy tax refund.


Miniot Wooden iPad 2 'Smart Cover' - I needed a cover for my iPad 2 but I cheaped out and bought a polyurethane smart cover. When I saw these wooden covers, I regretted my purchase immensely. Don't be like me, spring for wood. $70

Apple TV - Perhaps the quintessential "hey this is kinda cool but I have other stuff that can do the same thing so I don't really need this" gadget there is right now. But! Airplay actually is cool and it'll work really well with your eBayed iPad. $100 Subscription - Might as well fall in love with America's once upon a time past time with a subscription of streaming to your Apple TV. $120/year


Computer Peripherals

1.6TB SSD - Buying an SSD would actually be sorta responsible purchase! Especially since switching out an ol' hard disc drive for an SSD makes a world of difference. But space constraints suck. A 1.6TB SSD is the opposite of suck.


RAM - You know how people say too much of a good thing is a bad thing? Well, that doesn't apply to RAM. Like at all. Max your shit out. Hell, go past max if you like a little bit of risk.

Optimus Maximus Keyboard - Cause you got money now and it's really pretty. $1600

Home Stuff

Sonos - Our Brian Lam said "magic is a singing home" and Sonos is the easiest way to pipe music throughout your home. Life needs a soundtrack anyway. $400


Stok Quatrro Grill - Summer is a coming and to fully enjoy the shining sun you'll need a stupid fancy grill. The Stok Quatrro is nice because it has interchangeable inserts which lets you switch between a grill grate, griddle, pizza stone and vegetable tray for all your cooking needs. $350

Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler - It fits 12 cans or bottles with ice and is controlled by a remote control. Never, ever be thirsty again. $70


iRobot Roomba 562 Vacuum - Vacuuming is good to do, but a little time consuming! Let a Roomba handle all your dust bunnies and pet hair by its own and never worry again. $370

Personal Use

Volcano Vaporizer - It's the Ferrari of tobacco and herbal vaporizers. Instead of burning, it atomizes. There's no smoke, and no carcinogens. Just sweet, sweet, vapor. And it's so, so sweet. $540


Parrot AR Drone - Like a RC helicopter but for tax paying adults. $300

Phosphor Watch - You'll just love watching this thing change time. No, seriously watch it. $200

Lost Complete Series on Blu-Ray - I miss Lost a lot. Even the crappy episodes where nothing happened except to show crazy eyed Jack. I want to go back. I thought the natural ebb and flow of new TV shows would help me find something to replace it but no, only this complete Blu-Ray set will do. Just skip the last episode. $216


For non-gadget splurging, check out Gawker's tips on how to spend your tax refund which gives great advice on booking a trip to Paris and buying a hooker and/or drugs.