This Handsome Grill Has Interchangeable Inserts For Added Versatility

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Grilling anything but meat can be a painful process, but it's something the Stok Quatrro Grill and its insert system make easy. The interchangeable grill inserts allow you to switch between a grill grate, griddle, pizza stone and vegetable tray.


You can combine any two inserts to combo cook pizza and vegetables or whatever your mind concocts. The $350 grill also comes with side shelf towel bars, internal spice racks, stainless steel and porcelain construction, a built-in temperature gauge, and electric ignition. If you start saving now you can get one just in time to impress everyone in the summer. [Stok Grills via Uncrate]

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Ok, want to know something about this grill?

It's gimmicky garbage.

We just got them in at home depot, give this to the average "regular" joe-blow griller, and it'll be burnt up, broken or rusted out with 18 months. The handle you use to switch out the inserts is flimsy and you'll probably be reduced to using regular steel tongs within a few weeks of purchase, and then get so frustrated with that process that you won't even use the switch out functionality.

All the same functions of this thing can be achieved with a good pizza stone, and a stir fry basket, all of which are readily available at your local cook's supply store, the ones that come with the grill as the "inserts" are a joke. If you want a good grill, do yourself a favor and save your money for a Weber, yes, they're expensive, but they're the rock-of-gibraltar grills of the deck/patio. With the money you sink into cheap, crap grills every 2-3 years you could buy a weber and easily have it for a decade.