The Box Trailer Asks: Would You Push The Button?

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What if you were offered a million dollars just for pushing a button? But once you push that button, someone you don't know would die? A melted-faced Frank Langella asks James Marsden and Cameron Diaz this very question.

The Box, from director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko), is based on the short story Button Button by Richard Matheson, and it looks disturbing as hell. Granted, it is a speedy trailer with hyper suspension cuts, but the premise itself is fascinating. Also, wow Frank's "watchers" (the opened mouth creep at the window) gives me the heebie jeebies. And um Frank, you've got a little something on your face...

The Box will be in theaters October 30th, fingers crossed it's more Darko and less Southland.


[via Moviefone]