The Brilliant Vampire Comedy What We Do In the Shadows May Get an American TV Remake

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It may be a while before Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi return to the world of What We Do In the Shadows but, like the vampires it portrays, the idea is never dead.

Speaking to Fandango, Waititi revealed his brilliant mockumentary could see new life in another medium: Television.

“We’re trying to develop a U.S. version of What We Do in the Shadows,” the Thor: Ragnarok director said. “You know, set here in the states, but a T.V. show.”


America certainly likes to make TV shows based on ideas from other countries. The Office, American Idol, Power Rangers, the list goes on and on. And some of those ideas have worked but many of them don’t. When it comes to What We Do In the Shadows, it’s such a specific humor delivered by such a specific team, it feels like anyone who is not part of that world would almost just be doing an elaborate copy of the original. And that would just be lame.

However, the key here is Waititi seems to be involved, much like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were involved with the U.S. Office. That show also had a very specific brand of humor and, after a season or so, did a great job finding its own voice while keeping the same structure. Maybe What We Do In The Shadows could do the same.