Dave Arnold is the Director of Technology for the French Culinary Institute—basically, he develops the gear that makes the craziest chefs' most ridiculous dreams come true. And this is his burger of the future.

The Soup Dumpling Burger involves a boneless beef short rib/chuck patty with a veal stock gelatin, bacon that's been "glued" together, ketchup gel and perfectly circular cheese and pickles. You'll need, at minimum, an immersion circulator, a deep fryer, a mini charcoal grill and a handful of chemicals.


In other words, don't even bother trying this at home, unless you've got a fully stocked laboratory. But if you're crazy enough to try (or you got chills when they cut through the fully assembled burger), Eater's got the full recipe. Just make one for me while you're at it. [Eater]