The Chinese government is really really bad at Photoshop

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What was supposed to be a nice, heartwarming picture of four Chinese government officials visiting an elderly woman in a sign of respect and caring for the people and giving back and all that ended up being another Photoshop nightmare for China where three giant men plus a floating disappearing half man creepily hover over a miniature-sized old woman. Man, someone needs to teach China how to use Photoshop.


Or better yet, maybe never teach them Photoshop because these mistakes are almost always fantastic. The picture above was posted online by the government of Ningguo, a small city in Eastern China. It was supposed to show the city's deputy mayor and three other officials with the city's oldest resident, a visit that actually happened. Instead it's a complete embarrassment.

The person who stitched the ridiculous photo together told CCTV:

"I thought this photo by itself didn't really represent the occasion. So I put the two pictures together. At the time I didn't think there would be such a big reaction."

The Ningguo government said in a statement, per the WSJ:

"For this reason, we have decided to publicly admonish the Civil Affairs Bureau and the person responsible, Xu Feiyu. We hope all departments will learn a lesson from this incident and be even more rigorous in checking the information they publish.


They'll never learn. Please, never learn.


Still better than Korean news.