The Comics That Sold Out Thanks to WandaVision Are Going Back to Press

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Image: Olivier Coipel/Marvel

Maybe you missed out on stockpiling the comics that can give some background to WandaVision, or maybe you desperately miss the show and are craving whatever related content you can get. Either way, Marvel’s got your back.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Marvel has gone back to print with series like Tom King’s The Vision, James Robinson’s Scarlet Witch, and Steve Englehart’s Vision and Scarlet Witch. They will also be increasing stock of House of M, which ran out “almost overnight” following WandaVision’s premiere.

Of course these are all available digitally, but for purists who need copies in-hand, they will be available soon.

The comics delivered inspiration and Easter eggs alike in WandaVision, starting with the infamous “Maison du Mepris” wine bottle in the first episode. While the show strayed in many ways, the comics definitely provide a different layer of pain and are definitely recommended reading once the new print runs are out.

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Angrier Geek

I don’t know if this is good or bad. Obviously it’s good for creators who make a little more scratch, but bad that it might continue the need of comics being changed to match the mass appeal adaptation (who ever came up with “synergy” needs a new level of hell just to torture him). No one goes back and rewrites fucking Silence of the Lambs to make Clarice look like Jodie Foster, but Spider-Man and the X-Men who never needed help selling are changed for movies that didn’t translate into a single fucking issue being sold. It never does.

And if you think the stupid is gone just remember we just learned from Phil Jimenez that he was told to make Superwoman “more appealing to Trump voters.”