The Devil Turns Up His Charm In These Two New Teasers For Lucifer

Fox has released two new teasers for their upcoming show Lucifer, and show off Tom Ellis’s charm as the titular main character. They’re really playing up his charisma and the particular skills that he has - getting people to tell him their secrets.


The second, in which Ellis wishes everyone a hell of a Halloween, and shows off a little of what looks like a larger story arc between Lucifer and some Angels. The show is loosely based off of Neil Gaiman’s character from Sandman.

It’s going to be a cliche to say that this show is going to be a helluva lot of fun, but it does look like it’s going to be a helluva lot of fun to watch.

Lucifer will premiere in January 2016 on Fox.



I saw the pilot and it was OK... my immediate feeling was that I might watch it and I might not. I just find it annoying in many regards (just as I felt about Constantine which I managed to watch four episodes of before meh set in) because it isn’t the character I like, and seriously if Mazikeen isn’t given full and due respect (which they gave her the opposite treatment, like some sort of sexy succubus which she is absolutely not) then I’ll write it off anyway. One thing I cant stand is disrespect for source material in favour of Hollywood bullshit-thing-of-the-week, which it will definitely feature because I’d lay money that it will be a cop-procedural with five minutes of ‘main arc’ per show i.e your time is mainly being wasted. And I call any episode like that ‘filler’. Here’s a thought: Why not make a show based on Lucifer instead?