The Dorky Genesis of Those "I'm a Mac" Ads

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And here you thought that Apple's advertising geniuses were completely original. This is a scan from a 1996 issue of MacAddict (click it for the big version), and boy, what a difference 10 years makes. Look, PC users wear suits! And Apple users wear… denim shirts over a t-shirt tucked into their hiked-up dad jeans? And an earring? Yikes, Apple users. That outfit wasn't even hip in 1996, which shows you how cool the editors of MacAddict are/were.


Oh, but wait! He's cool, look here, under hobbies: "No time for hobbies, too busy spamming Windows-only developers." I was wrong, you're totally gnarly, dude.

Cult of Mac [via Crave]



" I'm just saying that outside of graphic design and multimedia editing..."

Bah. Sony Vegas on the PC kicks ass for video editing. Photoshop and the ususal Adobe suspects are there as well.

It's all just software and once your app is launched and running the OS doesn't mean squat as long as it stays up and running and in my experience neither platform is so remarkably reliable as to make that a selling point of one over the other.

My main issue with Macs are thier users: god damn what a bunch of self-important holier-than-thou douchbags. I've never met people who are so happy to needlessly upgrade every year, it's like a damn cult tithing a portion of their wages to the church. What? iPod EQ totally useless and broken? Don't demand a fix from Apple, rather be forced to download a freeware app to process all your music so that it doesn't distort when you use it. That's apple "quality."

$300 for a "smart" phone that's totally useless for business and cannot have it's battery replaced? Apple fanboys can't wait to buy one of those doorstops.

It's a cult. Buggy MP3 players, a decent OS with poor aplication selection running on overpriced hardware and a phone that only a retard would buy. That's apple.