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The Dr. Frankenstein MAME Cabinet

Illustration for article titled The Dr. Frankenstein MAME Cabinet

I do not know what Frankenstein has to do with arcade cabinets, nor do I care. Because this Frankenstein MAME cabinet reaches basement gaming nirvana.


Built from scratch over 60-80 hours, the cabinet features all of the patina and grommets associated with Victorian/Steampunk aesthetics. But it's the hand-made marquee along with the gorgeous green lithopane portals revealing Frankenstein's monster and and bride that really elevate this project beyond anything we could ever hope to accomplish, even if we put our minds to it. [Frankencade and The Steampunk Workshop via gizmo watch]

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With all the obvious detail that went into this thing, it's sort of a shame that he just dumped an X-Arcade on there instead of wiring his own controls (which probably still would have been the easiest part of this project).