The Easiest Way to Skip Ahead In YouTube Videos

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Want to skip ahead to 10%, 20%, 80% of the way through whatever YouTube video your college roommate sent you? Google made a shortcut that takes you there with the push of a button. Here's how:

Once you've paused your video of choice, type 1 to skip to 10% in, 2 for 20%, 3 for 30%, and so on. That's it!

If you're wondering why it doesn't work in the video above, it's because there are a few caveats. The trick doesn't work for full-screen videos, and doesn't seem to be compatible with older versions of Firefox. It also looks like you'll have to keep your cursor over the video for the feature to register. But it does seem to work with embeds, so long as the video has focus, meaning, it's the last thing you clicked on.

Still, despite those few limitations, its a great way to get to the meat of the video you're watching, and to fast forward or rewind with surgical precision. [Reddit via TNW]