The Expanse, a Show That Started as an Online RPG, Is Getting Its Own Board Game

Credit: Syfy
Credit: Syfy

What goes around comes around. WizKids has announced a new board game based on Syfy’s The Expanse, which in itself stems from an online role-playing game that was turned into the hit book series.


The two- to four-player card-driven RPG will have players recreate the politics and intrigue of “Game of Thrones in Space,” gaining control over the solar system using characters and events from the show. Players represent Earth’s UN forces, Mars’ military, the O.P.A. rebels, or the mysterious corporation Protogen Inc., and each group comes with its own abilities that can be used to screw over everyone else. Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the authors of the best-selling book series (under the pen name James S. A. Corey), collaborated on the board game.

It’s actually kind of fascinating that The Expanse is being turned into a game, considering that’s basically how it started. According to a 2015 post on Barnes & Noble’s science fiction blog, the world that became The Expanse started out as an online role-playing game created by Franck, with Abraham later joining in and coming up with the idea to turn the forum-based game into a novel.

The Expanse board game should be available in June, and will cost around $50.




I’m loving Season 2 (and very much enjoyed Season 1). Not sure where they are going to go with the Proto-molecule (or if that storyline just fizzles out).

Seriously considering the books, though I’ve been disappointed lately with a few “I’m going to read the books because the TV show is so good!” choices (Looking at you: The Strain).

Are the books worthwhile?