The Far Cry: Primal Soundtrack Was Made With Skin, Bones, and Dirt

The experience of playing Far Cry: Primal is immersive and visceral, an achievement that can be attributed at least in part to its phenomenal score, which fuses modern recording techniques with ancient instruments.

In this SoundWorks Collection behind-the-scenes, composer Justin Graves came at the soundtrack with two goals in mind: to make it regionally nonspecific, and to only use materials that would have existed before the bronze age. On the first point, Graves used some traditional instruments but made sure to play them with irregular beats to remove any sense of culture or geography.

To fulfill the second objective, Graves used no instrument which contained metal or plastic, and in some cases recorded non-musical sounds: the rustling of leaves, the clacking of stone against stone, a hand tapping on an animal’s jawbone. The more percussive elements were augmented by ambient droning, as well as recordings of yelps and war cries that, in point of fact, are scary as shit.


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