The First Full-Length Interstellar Trailer Is Spectacular

We've been excited about Christopher Nolan's new epic, Interstellar, for some time. But the arrival of a brand new trailer, revealing an emotional Matthew McConaughey preparing to save us Earthlings from imminent starvation, is still thrilling. It's like the Great Depression meets 2001: A Space Odyssey—in a good way.



I think that one of the things that will surprise people about this movie is just how much it has to say about our culture, here and now.

I read the early version of the screenplay that's out online – it was astonishing, even in what's said to be a preliminary stage – and I'm very, very eager for the movie to be released. I believe it's something that we need to see, both as a nation and as a global culture.

Like the new version of "Cosmos," there will undoubtedly be an enormous ruckus raised by those who see science – and reality itself – as an enemy of their short-term political agenda. But there will also be those who are stirred to the core of their being, and those are the ones who get up off their asses and get things done.

And one last thing that I couldn't get from reading the script; I think the cast is going to slam this puppy right out of the solar system. What Matthew will do with this character... I really can't wait.

Generally, whenever I see anyone evoke 2001: A Space Odyssey – which is for me the holy of holies – I kind of shake my head and say "yeah, right." Not this time; this one is the Real Deal. Nolan and Kip Thorne are going to rock the world.