The First Major Newspaper to Tell Apple to Shove Its Subscription Plans Somewhere Dark and Horrible

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Was wondering when this would happen: The Financial Times is the first major paper to publicly and explicitly say "thanks, but no thanks" to Apple's new iOS subscription model, which would require giving up 30 percent of the subscription revenue to people who sign up through the app. (Update: As has been noted, more pertinent to the FT is that it'd be giving up valuable subscriber info going through Apple's subscriptions.)

By Apple's stated rules, publications that offer subscriptions outside of the app are required to offer them within the app as well. If the Financial Times' ongoing negotiations with Apple don't go well, FT's app miiiiight get pulled out of the App Store. Which would be kind of lamesauce, but as one of the more prominent business newspapers in the world, the FT's more able than most to shun the iPad entirely. [Reuters]