The First Pressure-Sensitive iPad Stylus Might Just Outperform Your Fingers

Ten One Design's Pogo was one of the first styluses designed for use with iOS devices. But compared to the company's new pressure-sensitive super stylus code-named the Blue Tiger, the Pogo looks like something cavemen would have used on their stone tablets.


Artists tend to prefer working with a stylus since it feels more like a paintbrush or a pencil. Which is why Wacom's tablet hardware is so popular in the creative community. And while the iPad isn't lacking in fantastic drawing, sketching, and painting software, it has been lacking a stylus that can compare to Wacom's offerings.

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But the Blue Tiger will. Using a low-power Bluetooth 4.0 connection it wirelessly connects to your iOS device without requiring a massive battery. And as long as an app supports it, the Blue Tiger can accurately relay information about how hard you're pressing. Which lets artists do things like vary the thickness of a stroke based simply on how they use the stylus.

You can put your credit cards back in your pocket for now, though. The final design, details, pricing, and even the stylus' name have yet to be finalized. So it's going to be a while before it's available or even shipped off to the FCC for approval. But I really hope they end up keeping that awesome-sounding Blue Tiger moniker. [Ten One Design via @Rosa]

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Isn't this the same site that absolutely bashed the Note for having a Stylus and called it a step backwards?