3. Steve-O Crashes the YH Studio (Monday, 7PM EST)

Putting the Jackass crew's arguably most unstable member on live anything can't be a good idea—unless you're the one who gets to watch the wreckage. YouTube partner YoungHollywood also has one-on-one time with Dane Cook and Tony Hawk, but this is the one that should best highlight the unpredictability of the live format. It should at least have more fireworks than this recent YH Chris Parnell interview:

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4. Know Your Meme: Do It Live! (Monday, 9PM EST)

Rocketboom pops up a few times on the YouTube Live schedule, but for my money you're best served diving into this topical treatment of their recurring Know Your Meme segment. It's relevant, it's fun, and should feature ample footage of an apocalyptic Bill O'Reilly. Can't really go wrong with that.

5. JR Sport Brief (Tuesday, 4PM EST)

I'll be honest; I hadn't heard of the JR Sport Brief before today. But the call to action—"Sports Fans Come Chat with JR For the Latest News"—indicates that JR's going to be embracing the live comments aspect of YouTube's live streaming platform in a way that these other shows haven't. Then again, he had the Cowboys over the Redskins last night, which is disappointing on too many levels to count.