The Flash Director Doesn't Agree That Cyborg's Going to Be in the Movie

Image: Justice League, Warner Bros.
Image: Justice League, Warner Bros.

This is slightly weird. Following Variety’s report that Cyborg (Ray Fisher) was going to crossover into the Flash’s standalone movie, director Rick Famuyiwa has responded on Twitter with a negative. Or, at least, something that sounds like a negative.


Posted yesterday afternoon, a day after Variety published its story, Famuyiaw tweeted a link to it and “#SaysWho ?”

Which definitely seems to refute the story. Or, you know, could be a very roundabout way of asking about the source so they could punish him or her for leaking. More likely to be the former.

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Ben Grimm

Warners seems to be in the peculiar position of insisting that they hire auteurs who make their own movies, setting them apart from Marvel’s producer-driven vision, while still doing much more to interfere with the movies than Marvel ever has.