The Flash Movie Might Have Gained a New Director and Writer, But Ezra Miller Remains

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No, you are not experiencing deja vu. The Flash movie has, once again, changed hands.

The Hollywood Reporter says Andy Muschietti, director of the It films, is now in talks to helm the film which will have a new script by Bumblebee and Birds of Prey writer, Christina Hodson. Ezra Miller remains attached to play the hero. No offers are out yet, but it’s in the works, io9 confirmed with Warner Bros.

This comes months after Miller decided he wanted to tell a darker Flash story and hired comic legend Grant Morrison to help him pen a script. According to the report, Warner Bros. considered that script earlier this year and passed on it.


John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who directed Game Night, were most recently attached to direct but have now left the project over, you guessed it, creative differences. That’s also what happened to both Seth Grahame-Smith back in 2016 as well as Rick Famuyiwa later that year. The film has also seen multiple different screenplays besides Miller’s.


What’s most interesting about this is that, reportedly, the biggest issue between the former directors and star was the tone of the film. Daley and Goldstein wanted something more playful and Miller wanted something darker. But now with them out and his script gone, the studio brings in Muschietti, a rising horror master. It seems maybe it agrees dark is the way to go, but in a very specific way.

This news, whether it ends up being the final piece for The Flash or not, does bode well for a few other movies though. Warner Bros. wouldn’t entrust a huge DC property like this without being very confident in Muschietti’s latest film, It: Chapter 2, or Hodson’s upcoming film, Birds of Prey. So, worst case, whether these talents work on Flash or not, at least it’s a boost for their other films.


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