The Forces of Darkness Have Conspired to Bring Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles to Hulu

Tom Cruise previously played Lestat in Interview With the Vampire.
Tom Cruise previously played Lestat in Interview With the Vampire.
Photo: Warner Bros.

Lestat will rise again. Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series, which has been in the works for two years, is finally coming to television on Hulu.


As reported by The Hollywood Reporter and confirmed by Variety, Hulu is developing The Vampire Chronicles series, with Rice serving as an executive producer and her son, Christopher Rice, as the show’s main writer and showrunner. Former American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller was previously attached to the product, but stepped down six months ago—reportedly out of a desire not to step on the toes of Anne and Christopher Rice, who he’s close friends with.

Paramount optioned all 11 books last year in hopes of making a series, with Paramount TV president Amy Powell later calling it “the Vampire Chronicles initiative,” signifying its importance to the production company. The series will follow vampire Lestat de Lioncourt (previously played on the big screen by Tom Cruise in 1994's Interview with a Vampire, and Stuart Townsend in 2002's Queen of the Damned) as he galavants about town being sexy and killing people.

No word when we should expect the new show to arrive, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. We’re getting hungry.

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When Interview first came out, I agreed with the general consensus that Cruise was a poor casting choice. However, 20 years on (!), I’ve actually come around to his portrayal: Lestat as a whiny, melodramatic, fussy little man actually works pretty well. You lose some of the dark sexuality and mystique of the original character, but overall, having the main character* be a little bit insufferable can be a narrative gold mine.

*(I recognize that Louis is actually the main character of Interview, but through many of the other books, Lestat is the focus, and all roads lead back to him).