The Galaxy Tab Is $400 on Sprint, But the Data Plans Will Eat You Alive

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Unlike Verizon, Sprint is subsidizing Samsung's Galaxy Tab—signing your soul over for two years knocks the price down $200, to $400. The data plans are painful, which seems to be a running theme for the Tab.


For $30 a month, you get 2GB and unlimited messaging, or for $60 you get 5GB when it comes out on Nov. 14, a little later than Verizon. I'm a little surprised 'cause usually Sprint's data prices are a cut above (below?) most of the other carriers. Which means the most recent march toward pricier data plans kickstarted by AT&T keeps on chugging. (I'm not holding my breath that T-Mobile's plans will be any cheaper, despite the fact it's got a smaller network than the other three carriers.)

Oh, and this Tab thing seems less and less worth it with every new pricing announcement. But we'll see. Perhaps I am wrong! [Sprint]



Ok ... how difficult is this really?

Goal: Beat iPad and AT&T

Plan A:

Make a better Tablet than iPad and charge the same for hardware ($499) and slightly more for data (Verizon/Sprint plans for Galaxy).

Plan B:

Make a slightly inferior tablet than tha iPad but charge less for hardware ($399/$299) and data (10 GB/$40).

Plan C:

Make a significantly inferior tablet than the iPad and charge significantly less for hardware ($199) and/or data.

Looks like Samsung and their partners are going with plan D:

Make a tablet that is slightly smaller and slightly less attractive and runs an unsupported tablet-OS and costs almost as much as the lowest priced iPad 3G to purchase and to use.