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It's late. It's Tuesday. You're sitting at your computers. Here is the movie that will make your night


In The Girlfriend Experience, porn star Sasha Grey plays Chelsea, a high-class escort working in 2008 recession-era Manhattan. She charges $2,000 a night to let men pretend she's their girlfriend—dinner dates, griping about work, cozy bathrobe breakfasts: the total girlfriend experience. In the film, time jumps back and forth, hinting at and then revealing different dynamics with the various men in Chelsea's life.

The story is pretty simple: she's an escort working in the recession for Wall Street execs and upper-echelon screenwriters; she has a boyfriend who tolerates her an extent; she wants to step up her game. It's an easy watch. Grey's acting is affectless and slightly jaded, which is either a testament to her ability to play a character, or a shortcoming of her feature-film acting chops. Hard to tell.


Really, the best way to go into this movie is expecting not too much and being glad to get just enough. It's worth watching, if only to see Grey's early attempts at non-adult film acting. Or just to see her in general. [Netflix]

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