Tim Wu is one of the world’s most outspoken and influential advocates for an open internet. And now, the Columbia Law professor will help shape the future of technology and politics as a watchdog with the New York State Attorney General’s office. This is great news.

“If I have a life mission, it is to fight bullies,” Wu told The New York Times. “I like standing up for the little guy, and I think that’s what the state A.G.’s office does.” As senior lawyer and special advisor to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Wu will “focus on issues involving technology, including protecting consumers and ensuring fair competition among companies that do business online,” the Times reports. In other words, he might be the guy who can help New Yorkers get more than one choice for an internet service provider.


Wu, a former candidate for lieutenant governor of New York, is most famous for coining the term “net neutrality,” so we can safely assume that companies like Time Warner Cable count as bullies. We’ll be watching his work closely over the next few months.

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