In the great tradition of Vox, Hillary Clinton’s team posted a meme explainer last night to help you better identify the racist ones this election has brought forth. The blog focused on the (somewhat newfound) sinister side of Pepe, the cartoon frog that has captured the hearts of white nationalists this election season.

Clinton’s explainer, unfortunately, feels long overdue. It’s September after all, which means we only have two months left meme-ing the madness of the 2016 presidential race. Lucky for you, Gizmodo received an exclusive sneak preview of the next election’s most popular memes, providing you, dear reader, with an opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Be grateful. And dang, if you thought this election’s memes were Joker-level twisted, you ain’t seen nothing yet...

Different Cartoon Frog

Bread Bowls Full of Spider Blood

Lena Dunham On A Shark

A Still From Shrek the Third That’s Just the Ocean

Ted Cruz’s Ear

Alternate Timeline Drake From the Universe Where Birds, Not Apes, First Developed Language

Anarcho-capitalist Max Goof

Respect Me, Father

The Myth of Ethical Capitalism Makes Me Horny Why the Fuck You Lyin’ Guy

Literally Just Adolf Hitler